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All of our body treatments include an organic aromatherapy experience.


Chakra Balancing Body Treatment 

90 minutes $175

The experience begins with a chakra assessment, where your therapist helps identify any areas of imbalance in your energy centers. Each chakra corresponds to different aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and the treatment is tailored to address any blockages or disharmony. A chakra-balancing body scrub and relaxation massage offer a holistic approach to physical and spiritual well-being, blending the therapeutic benefits of exfoliation with the profound relaxation of massage therapy.

Evolve Signature Customized Massage

$110/ 60 min  $140/ 90 min

CBD Massage

$120/ 60 min $155/ 90 min

Customized massage with CBD aromatherapy oil and warm Himalayan salt stones


$50/ 30 min

Cupping $30+


Custom Norvell Airbrush Spray Tan $45

Pre and post care: 

To prep the skin exfoliate, shave, and don't put on any lotion before your session. The tan takes up to 8 hours to develop, so you want to stay dry during this time (no showering or sweating).

The spray tan lasts about a week. 

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